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SAP® Consulting – Time-of-use definition: Process is also changing for on-peak/off-peak meters

On 01/04/2022, new market communication processes will come into force. In the future, suppliers should be able to offer variable tariffs more easily using smart meters. This is made possible by time-of-use definitions, which describe the time periods during which a certain tariff is charged – for example, between 9 am and 12 pm during the week. However, it is not just suppliers with smart tariffs who use time-of-use definitions. Network operators must also provide the time-of-use definitions used in the network area. According to the introduction scenario presented by BDEW, in April 2022, network operators will be required to send time-of-use definitions and as initial message. And this doesn’t just apply to smart meters, it also applies to conventional on-peak/off-peak meters.


Özge Pakel
Leitung Customer Service