SAP® Consulting – SAP® Trainee Program

SAP® training content, hands-on education and mentoring with real professionals: In less than a year, you could be well on your way to working in SAP® consulting with an attractive salary.
And the best thing about it: If you stay on with us, we cover the cost of the program.


Certified training – Training sessions with content from SAP® and subsequent certification are the foundation for your education and development:

  • To kick things off, you will learn basic information regarding the key processes and modules of an ERP system.
  • After just a few weeks, you will take your first certification test to become an „SAP® Certified Application Associate“.
  • Depending on your area of specialisation, you can access module-specific knowledge consolidation training sessions in the form of self-guided e-learning units with additional certification opportunities.


Practical experience – You will work alongside experienced colleagues and carry out real tasks directly in a customer project:

  • After you have found your feet, you will join up with experienced colleagues from the business and take part in exciting customer projects.
  • In the bofest consult consulting team, you will be involved in key project tasks and will take on more responsibility with our best customers as the project progresses.
  • You will get your first references within the project business and gain valuable insights into real project work.


Methodical competence – Gain confidence with the latest tools, with methodology for the project business and develop soft skills for your future career:

  • During training sessions with experienced colleagues and external experts, you will learn how to confidently use the latest tools for distributed project work.
  • The practical experience acquired during the project is supplemented by methodological education content on project organisation and project management.
  • We will teach you communication and presentation techniques to prepare for your future career.


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Özge Pakel
Leitung Customer Service