Redispatch 2.0. – Are you ready?

Network bottleneck management will be used more extensively in distribution networks in the future: This redispatch will include all power generating units (including renewable energy generating units) of 100 kW and above and accessible solar installations under 100 kW in accordance with Section 9 of the Renewable Energy Sources Act. The distribution network operators (DNO) are responsible for implementing the redispatch regulations. This means that they will also play an active role in network bottleneck management, which means that they are also directly responsible for network security and supply security. A significant new challenge for DNOs brought about by Redispatch 2.0 is being able to evaluate and weigh up the effectiveness and cost of potential measures in advance. In order to do this, forecasts and planned values are used. This new challenge also requires close coordination of the DNOs, in order to be able to counteract identifiable network bottlenecks with appropriate measures at the various network levels. These measures need to be defined and implemented. The new redispatch regulations mean changes to processes and IT systems. We support you through this process together with our sister companies vantago GmbH and suportica GmbH. bofest consult provides support for the implementation of market communication processes, the design of balancing models and calculation of production loss. suportica provides support for process handling, while vantago provides custom software solutions for automated billing and AI-based tools for network forecasts.


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