Innovation strategy

Innovations can give companies a significant advantage over their competitors. However, the innovation must be in line with the company and its objectives. In addition to establishing innovation-promoting structures and creating an innovation-friendly culture, this also requires the development of an innovation strategy. A customised innovation strategy provides a framework for all tactical and operational measures for the implementation of innovative projects. It shows the results you should aim for by means of strategic objectives and provides strategic thrusts and guidelines. This includes market-based content for the business areas, customer segments and geographical markets on the one hand, and implementation measures and guiding principles on the other hand. In this way, an innovation strategy specifies the purpose, direction, limits and rules for innovative projects. Since the innovation strategy is a sub-strategy that aims to help a company achieve higher-level corporate goals, the corporate strategy and innovations strategy must be closely interlinked. The innovation objectives anchored in the innovation strategy should specify how they contribute to achieving corporate goals and should reflect the guiding principles of the company. Only when the innovation strategy and innovation objectives are known, defined and communicated is it possible to search for and find appropriate solutions. We work together with you to develop an innovation strategy that is integrated in your corporate strategy, in order to create innovative products and services and to set you apart for your competitors.


Özge Pakel
Leitung Customer Service