Customer journeys in the energy sector

The energy and utilities sector is moving in a new direction and expanding its product portfolio of classic commodity products with customer-oriented services. In this regard, the following basic principle applies: to retain customers or acquire new customers over the long term, a company must be aware of their touch points with customers. Customers have got used to the benefits of quicker and more direct communication, and this is reflected in their purchasing and user behaviour. As a result, energy suppliers must manage the various contact channels with their customers systematically and place the information and decision-making process of the customer at the centre of everything they do. „Customer journeys“ are a good way to provide customers with optimal support during the searching and decision-making process through to the extension of contracts and to determine precise customer requirements. The aim of customer journeys is to analyse the process from a buying impulse to completing a purchase and to derive concrete measures from these findings. Overall, it is clear the customer-oriented communication and sales channels provide a significant competitive advantage on the market.  Energy providers that understand customer’s wishes and use this information to influence their dialogue with customers are especially attractive to consumers, which is why they stay one step ahead of their competitors.


Özge Pakel
Leitung Customer Service