Core energy market data register (MaStR): The special role of a network operator

With the core energy market data register (MaStR), the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) is aiming to ensure centralised and comprehensive documentation of master data from a wide range of plants in the power and gas market. To do this, the existing register was consolidated and expanded with additional objects. For example, energy storage system, conventional energy generating plants with capacities of under 10 MW and consumers in the extra-high-voltage and high-voltage networks are recorded for the first time. As part of the network operator checks, plant core data of distribution network operators is compared and supplemented with network-specific location data. Since the check doesn’t just take place for existing and new plants, but rather any time there is a change to the core data of existing plants, when it comes to the checking and transmission process, a certain degree of automation is essential in order to keep manual effort at a reasonable level. The core energy market data register also increases the complexity of accounting and reporting obligations required by law. For example, in the future, sanctions will be divided into various cases and implemented accordingly.


Özge Pakel
Leitung Customer Service